Clinique Juge

Technical platform

Our establishment is a multidisciplinary surgical clinic.


  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Stomatology and maxillofacial surgery
  • Hand and wrist surgery Gynaecological surgery
  • Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery
  • General surgery
  • Vascular surgery
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology

The operating theatre

  • A 1500 m2 operating theatre with 18 operating theatres.
  • A central sterilisation unit.
  • Two recovery rooms with 18 and 15 stations adjacent to the operating theatre.
  • Ophthalmology and cardiology exploration departments.

The Activity Centre

Orthopaedics-Traumatology Division

Orthopaedics is by definition the surgical speciality that uses medical, surgical and physical methods to treat and correct deformities, diseases and trauma of the skeleton, its joints and associated structures.

Most of the conditions covered by this definition are treated by the existing teams at the Clinique Juge. Treatments range from consultations to hospitalisation (full or outpatient). Today, this speciality is a unanimously recognised reference centre, which is reflected in particular by a regional or even extra-regional reputation for certain procedures. An analysis of PMSI (Programme de Médicalisation des Systèmes d'Information) data (compared with the regional database) shows that the Clinique Juge is the leading orthopaedic centre in the Bouches du Rhône in terms of volume of activity.

Digestive Medicine and Surgery Unit

The clinic's Digestive Medicine and Surgery Unit comprises two specialities: general surgery and gastroenterology.

Over the last few years, the people involved in this digestive unit have been able to establish an increasingly close working relationship. They have formed a coherent group and pooled their skills.

Face and Neck Unit

The Face and Neck cluster comprises ophthalmic surgery, stomatology,ENT and maxillofacial surgery. These specialities have many points in common:

  • They focus on the face and neck region
  • They are highly developed within the establishment and occupy a strong regional position
  • They generate outpatient treatment for the most part
  • They can create cross-disciplinary links for the benefit of patients.

The Clinique Juge's ophthalmology structure is made up of 31 practitioners, making it possible to:

  • A wide range of hyper-specialities,
  • A number of specialists with expertise in each field to provide rapid, comprehensive care for all ophthalmic pathologies.

Aesthetic surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is a particular area of activity because of the high level of "aesthetic" surgery carried out by our renowned practitioners. These operations benefit from the same technical platform as the other surgical specialities, thus offering patients the maximum level of hygiene and safety required in a high-performance operating theatre.

Hand surgery has not been included in this division, but in Orthopaedics, although the medical project provides for the development of programmed surgical management of hand pathologies.

Associated services


A radiology department with expertise in scanner/arthroscanner, MRI/arthro-MRI, radio- and ultrasound-guided infiltrations and all musculoskeletal ultrasound scans.

Medical analysis laboratory

As part of the clinic, the BioParadis laboratory provides a highly responsive medical analysis service and is on call 365 days a year.

Medical centre

The Trauma Care Unit (UST) provides care for minor emergencies, plasters, sutures and various consultations for children and adults by a team of experienced emergency doctors.


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